Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at
Wed Oct 29 10:43:00 CST 2003

Quoting jason andrade <jason at>:

> this exchange (and others like it) isn't very constructive IMHO.


> if we step back (and take a deep breath..) what are the facts ?

The fact is RH failed to get the information about their policy changes
out to their customers in a timely and understandable fashion.

> o Red Have have changed their licencing and support model as their
>   old one was not sustainable.
> o They announced they would do this about 9 months ago.

90+ percent of their customers did not get this announcement.  Many still
have not learned of the change.  I get asked every day when RH 10 will
be out.  Users are still clueless about the changes.

> o There were clear indications they would do this from the first
>   announcement of the RHEL2.1 product - it was difficult to see how
>   the RHL boxed set/download product was going to continue, though
>   they let it drift for a while.

But, if you didn't buy RHEL 2.1, then how would you have seen these
"clear indications"?

> o They didn't communicate (or consult?) well with their server
>   customer base on how to manage the changes in their business model.

Or their non-server customers either.  Or even seem to care about their
small server customers, who can not upgrade on a dime.  Killing off the
RHL line before the next RHEL (and Fedora) release is out was a bad idea.

>   It is a pity they don't seem to be doing this yet, a transition
>   period would have helped a lot, e.g you were a RHN/server customer
>   and you can takeup RHEL for a 50% discount for the first year or
>   something along those lines.

Or get support for RHL until you can upgrade to RHEL.

> o They are extremely unlikely to change back - the change was for a
>   reason.  All the wishing and complaining won't change that (but hey,
>   i've been proved wrong before :-)

I don't want them to change back.  I want them to give sufficient warning
and sufficient lead time for the change, so we can plan for the change,
test the new software before the change, etc.

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> -jason


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