Win2K wipe-out!

jason andrade jason at
Mon Oct 27 19:09:00 CST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Moffet, Scott wrote:

> I'm soon to be wiping the Win2K install on a PowerEdge 1400SC - Perc3/DC machine with 15 drives of Raid 5 and will be putting on Red Hat 9.0. Yay!

fun.  not sure where the 15 drives bit is - i assume an external PV220S ? but they only
take 14 drives...

> I've done many single-machine LInux installs, but never on a RAID setup. I'm particularly concerned about formatting multiple drives and configuring the RAID.

well if you are using a PERC3/DC then it is hardware raid and you don't 'format' the
drives.  you create your LUNs in hardware and then you fdisk and format the arrays
as you have partitioned them.  it's no different to doing this on a single disk
install. the OS will just see sda, sdb etc depending on the number of LUNs created
and sda1, sda2 etc depending on how many partitions.

> 	- Are there any 'How-To's' and/or sites for doing this? There must be.

the linux documentation project is a good place to start,

e.g  and then find your closest mirror.

there is also a user manual for the perc3/dc which may be worthwhile.

> 	- Can I just use the regular - freebie Red Hat 9 install iso CDs? I don't need the Enterprise version, do I?

you can install RHL 9 on this machine yep.  whether you need the enterprise version
depends on what you plan to do with the machine.  for example will you need any
security patches or bug fixes to the machine after April 2004 ? then you will
want to consider RHEL3.  do you need to run anything 'business critical' ? then
you'll want RHEL3.. do you want to run a large database or get support from Red Hat
for problems then..

> 	- Is there any software out there to manage/automate this install/config process? There must be. The former admin on this box mentioned "openmanage" array manager (or something like that). Is there a Linux equivalent of this program? and would this be what I need?

there is management software for the server (OMSA) and management software
for the array (dellmgr) but they are not integrated AFAIK.

> 	- What other 'gottcha' should I be fore-warned of?

have the latest firmware on your machine, esm, bios, raid
controller etc.

if you are configuring a raid5 array i highly recommend you consider
allocating a hot spare in the array.



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