Win2K wipe-out!

Moffet, Scott SMoffet at
Mon Oct 27 16:51:00 CST 2003

Hi all

I'm soon to be wiping the Win2K install on a PowerEdge 1400SC - Perc3/DC machine with 15 drives of Raid 5 and will be putting on Red Hat 9.0. Yay!

I've done many single-machine LInux installs, but never on a RAID setup. I'm particularly concerned about formatting multiple drives and configuring the RAID. 

I'm trying to do my homework BEFORE I start this install so all goes smoothly, because I'm not sure what exactly I will encounter on the way.

	- Are there any 'How-To's' and/or sites for doing this? There must be.

	- Can I just use the regular - freebie Red Hat 9 install iso CDs? I don't need the Enterprise version, do I?

	- Is there any software out there to manage/automate this install/config process? There must be. The former admin on this box mentioned "openmanage" array manager (or something like that). Is there a Linux equivalent of this program? and would this be what I need?

	- What other 'gottcha' should I be fore-warned of?

A googolplex of TIAs


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