PE6450 and NMI 30 Jason_Mick at
Mon Oct 27 15:38:01 CST 2003

I would shut off any unused devices in the system.  (ie onboard SCSI, com
and nic ports) See if the issue clears up.  Also since normally NMI errors
are coming from a piece of hardware somewhere I would to pull the ESM log
off the system board and see if you are getting excessice ECC errors or PCI
errors.  If you already have the log can you attach the text from it.


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I've run memtest86 already.  It comes up clean.  In the process of 
tracking this problem down the following parts have been replaced: 
motherboard, ram, ram riser board, all 4 CPUs, and I've even tried 
different harddrives on the machine.


jason andrade wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Jared Davies wrote:
>>Has anyone here run into any odd NMI errors on PE servers running 
> run memtest86 on your server.  my guess is one or more simms have a 
> problem and need replacement.  alternatively (worst case) there is a 
> problem with the simm holder (perhaps remove all the simms and vacuum 
> out the area to remove dust and then reseat the simms.
> regards,
> -jason

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