PE6450 and NMI 30

Jared Davies daviesja at
Mon Oct 27 14:42:01 CST 2003

Has anyone here run into any odd NMI errors on PE servers running linux? 
  If I load my 6450 I get an "NMI 30" error and shortly after the 
machine will crash with CPU Context errors.  I tested to see if this 
error occurs using onboard scsi as well to make sure it wasn't just a 
fluke with the megaraid card or driver.  I prefer to build my own 
kernels, but I have tried the Dell provided kernel with this machine and 
various other Debian & Redhat supplied kernels -- all FAIL miserably. 
The only thing on this machine that hasn't been replaced so far is the 
SCSI backplane and the rack screws.  I'm willing to replace the 
backplane, but since I'm not getting any data errors other than CPU 
context errors I'm leaning away from this as the source of the problem. 
   I'd really like to know what NMI #30 is, why its being thrown, and 
its cause/solution.

The system is quad 700mhz xeons, 2gb ram, 66gb containor on perc 3/dc, 
running 2.4.2x kernel series.


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