Linux on Optiplex GX270? (OT)

Ed Martin ed.martin at
Mon Oct 27 06:00:00 CST 2003

I know this is off topic for a PE group, but I bet the answer is out there.  So, sorry for the diversion, I'll keep it short.

We are considering buying some Optiplex GX270 desktops, and would like to run Linux on them.  I know that Dell won't support this.  But is anyone running Linux on one of these?  If so is it working ok?  What distribution/kernel?

We'd ideally like to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS (v3).  But Red Hat 9 would be OK, also some flavour of Debian.  Or even Mandrake!

Thanks in advance.



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>>> "Stefan Hans" <shans at> 24/10/2003 18:39:13 >>>
Hi *,

is it possible to combine a RAID 5 (with 3 disks) on a PowerEdge 1750 with RedHat Linux and use LVM (SW-RAID) to make a filesystem snapshot for backup?

If no, what are the possibilities to backup RAID 5 while working?

tia Stefan

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