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C.M. Connelly cmc at
Fri Oct 24 19:15:01 CDT 2003

"KS" == Keith Schincke <kschin at>

    KS> Sounds like Debian. In almost 3 years I have not seen SID
    KS> released much less moved into the testing stage. :)

I'm assuming you're joking, but for those who aren't familiar with
the way Debian works, the following:

Sid will *never* be released.  Sid is the nickname for the
unstable version of Debian.

Debian currently has four package pools:

   1. Stable (currently woody)

   2. Testing (currently sarge; will be the next release)

   3. Unstable (always sid, that unstable kid)

   4. Experimental (stuff too out there for unstable)

Packages are uploaded to unstable and migrate to testing after a
certain amount of time (around 10 days), assuming there are no
release critical bugs and all their dependencies are available in
testing.  At some point, testing is frozen while the release is
prepared.  When the release happens, what was frozen-testing
becomes stable, the old stable gets put in an archive, and testing
thaws out and starts accepting packages from unstable again.

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