Decoding stack traces

jason andrade jason at
Fri Oct 24 18:41:00 CDT 2003

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, John Reuning wrote:

> Yes!  I've been trying to figure this out for months.  The latest

you can imagine the frustation i went through..

> frustration is that every time one of my 2550s crashes with this
> problem, it refuses to reboot via manual power cycle.  Why would the
> system not reboot unless there's a hardware issue triggered by the
> crash?  I opened a ticket with Dell, so we'll see what they come up

most bizarre.  can you put OMSA on it and use that to tweak the
watchdog settings to see if that helps ?

> Time to start rebuilding kernel rpms with the older gcc.

alternately if you 'upgrade' to RHL9 the problem _appears_ to go
away (cross fingers) as gcc3 is being used which doesn't seem to
have this bug.



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