Summary of aacraid+kernel 2.4.x problem to forward to my customer rep?

Scott Kveton kveton at
Fri Oct 24 15:09:01 CDT 2003

> Could some kind soul please provide a better summary of the problem?  If I can get a good description of the symptoms and send that to my rep, maybe we can get the issue raised to a higher priority.

I'd be willing to do this ... I'll get what I have cooked up and off to
you although I can't imagine it will be complete.
> I'm currently holding off on installing Red Hat 7.3 on a brand-new 1-terabyte RAID5 array on my PE4400 because of this problem, so I'm very interested in seeing it resolved.

If you're doing an external array you can use the Perc3/DC or Perc3/QC
(which are both LSI Megaraid-based) which is not having the same


Scott :-)

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