Summary of aacraid+kernel 2.4.x problem to forward to my customer rep?

Brian P Kasper Brian.P.Kasper at
Fri Oct 24 14:07:29 CDT 2003

I just had a conversation with my Dell customer rep about the currently-unsolved problem involving the aacraid driver under recent Linux kernels.  He asked me to send him information about the problem because he "knows exactly who it needs to be sent to".

I've been following the mailing lists, and I know the problem manifests itself under heavy loads on systems using the aacraid driver under 2.4.x series kernels with, among other controllers, the PERC 3/Di, but since I'm still running a 2.2.x kernel, I'm
not seeing the problem on my PE4400.

Could some kind soul please provide a better summary of the problem?  If I can get a good description of the symptoms and send that to my rep, maybe we can get the issue raised to a higher priority.

I'm currently holding off on installing Red Hat 7.3 on a brand-new 1-terabyte RAID5 array on my PE4400 because of this problem, so I'm very interested in seeing it resolved.

If anyone has any information about the problem, suggestions on how to duplicate the error, or detailed descriptions of the problem, please post them here and I'll pull all the information together and send it to my rep.

-Brian Kasper
 kasper at

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