omdiag chassis serialport problem...

Walter Heath walterh at
Fri Oct 24 12:32:00 CDT 2003


Our SysAdmim installed OpenManage 3.5.0 on one of our PowerEdge 2650's

I ran the following tests on it:

	omdiag chassis cpu
	omdiag chassis cmos
	omdiag chassis memory
	omdiag chassis pci
	omdiag storage adaptecraidctr
	omdiag storage smart
	omdiag chassis video
	omdiag chassis network
	omdiag chassis serialport

They all reported 'Success' except:

1) The 'omdiag chassis video' test reports 'Failed' unless a main
   console is connected and is running X Windows (expected).

2) The 'omdiag chassis serialport' test failed. Its report was:

Device Name       : /dev/ttyS2
HW/OS Description : COM:2:ec80
Test Name         : Serial Port Data Send and Receive Test
Result            : Failed
Result Details    : Miscompare: Disconnect all serial cables.
Quit all applications that are using this device, and run this
test again. If this error still occurs, it may indicate a hardware
problem. Timed out waiting to transmit data.

A flood of the 'Result Details     :' field replies came out -- all
on one line!

The test took about 3.5 minutes to run. Normally, when it passes,
it takes about 23 seconds.

I then installed a null modem loopback cable between the two
serial ports (ttyS0, ttyS1) and ran some serial port test programs
I had written for testing on other Dell machines. The programs
ran fine...

So I think there's a problem with the 'omdiag chassis serialport'
command in version 3.5.0.

Could you let me know if you can confirm this?


	Walter S. Heath
	MIT Lincoln Laboratory

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