Decoding stack traces

John Reuning john at
Fri Oct 24 02:03:01 CDT 2003

I'm having issues with a 2550, but this isn't really a hardware
question.  Does anyone have pointers on how to decode a linux kernel
stack trace?  I've found a few things on the web, but specifically, I'm
trying to figure out which module or kernel component is triggering a

These aren't oopses or panics, they get dumped to console and look like:

do_IRQ: stack overflow: 1928
c02638e0 00000788 00000000 f7ffc5e0 00000000 00000001 00000004 c0245884 
       f7ffc5e0 001f85a0 00000004 00000000 00000001 00000004 04000000
       00000018 ffffff10 c0108c7d 00000010 00000246 f551ceac c034a880
Call Trace: [<c02638e0>] .rodata.str1.1 [kernel] 0x77b 

It just scrolls endlessly on the console until I power cycle the system.

Many thanks,

-John R.
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