PE2450 amps?

jason andrade jason at
Thu Oct 23 16:14:01 CDT 2003

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 colbey at wrote:

> Interesting that you send me the link to a win32 application, even
> know I have linux on all my servers/workstations ;)

yes, it sucks that this app doesn't have an equivalent linux version
(or even a java/web based one.. sigh).

> > Does anyone know offhand how many amps this box uses?  The document I
> > found just says 330watt X 2.  The new colo has a
> > 7.5AMP circuit for the rackspace and it needs to accomadate a few servers.

i can't comment on the specific ampage except to say that the PS does not
use a full 330W*2 (except perhaps at startup time - something to keep in
mind).  in normal operation the load seems to be split across the two
power supplies.

> > Also what's peoples suggestion on datacenter powering/wiring..   I'm not
> > willing to drop the massive amount of cash to get a 2nd separate power
> > circuit
> > dropped into this rack.. Just plug both power supplies into the 1 sources?

we have some of these boxes plugged into the same source with no problems.
it is just a matter of knowing that when you lose that single source you
lose the box with it.

in the datacentre that we colocate we are provided with
2 power sources from different UPSes which run on different circuits.

what i have seen in a number of places is they take one feed from a UPS
and another from (filtered) mains power.  if the UPS fails they still
have normal mains power and if the mains fails the box runs off the UPS.

worth considering if you can afford it (e.g install a UPS locally in the
rack and run both from one source).



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