Megaraid & RHAS 3 Matt_Domsch at
Thu Oct 23 08:56:00 CDT 2003

> How soon should we expect a kernel and glibc update :) If you can't
> answer that;

which I can't.  Red Hat does schedule updates (they also release
unscheduled security errata as necessary between scheduled updates) to
provide consistency.  They were originally quarterly, though you'll see
it's been longer than quarterly for RHEL2.1, so I believe the
terminology is just "Scheduled Updates" now.  As such, they get a public
beta period prior to actual release, so you'll see them discussed on
taroon-list at and on RHN.

> is it worth waiting a week before considering rollout?

I wouldn't wait before considering performing your own testing. :-)

> Any RHEL3 gotchas still on Dell's list?

Nothing of any high severity, a few minor annoyances as you'll have with
any product this large.  Our Enterprise System Test isn't complete yet,
and as we always do, we'll include all our issues (and workarounds if
needed) in our Tech Sheet and announce it when our tests are complete.

We do encourage you to start your own internal test processes with RHEL3
ASAP, and to report any issues uncovered into Red Hat's bugzilla
tracking system at  That's just good practice for
any OS release.


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