Megaraid & RHAS 3

Philip Rowlands phr at
Thu Oct 23 08:45:00 CDT 2003

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 Matt_Domsch at wrote:

>> In the latest beta, the versions were:
>> megaraid: v1.18i
>> megaraid2: v2.00.5
>> I'd assume the same or similar for the gold release.
>Yes, those are the versions.  We're also working with Red Hat to update
>those to 1.18k and 2.00.9 for the first scheduled Update just to keep
>everything as current as possible.

How soon should we expect a kernel and glibc update :) If you can't
answer that; is it worth waiting a week before considering rollout? Any
RHEL3 gotchas still on Dell's list?


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