e1000 card won't work in a PE2500, will in a 2600.

Xose Vazquez Perez xose at wanadoo.es
Thu Oct 23 07:05:01 CDT 2003

ard at waikato.ac.nz wrote:

> Hiya folks.  I've got an e1000 card from Dell that won't work in the
> PE2500 it was purchased with in January last year.  It sat in the
> machine unused until a fortnight ago when I gave it a gigabit

get latest drivers from http://sf.net/projects/e1000 or a recent kernel
2.4.23-pre8 and test it with "ethtool -t" http://sf.net/projects/gkernel

Is the *ethernet wire* well done ?
Usually it's _568B_ http://www.pera.net/Category_5_Document.htm

Is the *switch* working well ?

> Most questions like this are answered with "upgrade the firmware."  Do
> e1000 cards have upgradeable firmware?  I didn't find any on dell.com,
> but if you can point me at some I'll definitely jam them on the card.

On Intel NICs only is possible to update _PXE boot firmware_.

> I doubt that this is a driver or BIOS issue, since the problem
> manifests itself when the machine has power but is turned off: if it

A BIOS and ESM updated don't bite you :-)

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