e1000 card won't work in a PE2500, will in a 2600.

ard@waikato.ac.nz ard at waikato.ac.nz
Wed Oct 22 20:46:01 CDT 2003

>> Hiya folks.  I've got an e1000 card from Dell that won't work in the
>> PE2500 it was purchased with

[huge elide] but does work in a 2600.

> can you specify what sort of card you actually have ? e.g a pro/1000
> what - XT ? XF ? MT ? 32bit ? 64bit ?

Sorry, I really should have put all that in my first post.  It is
64-bit card.  From the kernel's PCI database:

Ethernet controller: Intel Corp. 82544EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller
(Copper) (rev 2).

On the card itself: "A65700-004" and "A51562-008", DP/N 01H895, Intel

Both machines are running 2.4.22-ac4, which has e1000 v5.1.13-k1
according to e1000_main.c.

> but it's _really_ bizarre that you're saying the card works ok at
> 100Mbit in another server but not at all in this server.

>> I doubt that this is a driver or BIOS issue, since the problem
>> manifests itself when the machine has power but is turned off: if
>> it is going to work, it will show link and activity lights even
>> when the machine is turned off.  In the 2500, both LEDs are dark on
>> the e1000, but it's Christmas on the e100.  In the 2600, it's
>> Christmas on both.

I take that back - both the onboard and the removable e1000 are dark
when the 2600 is off.  Their link lights illuminate after the memory
check is done, while the RAID and RAC controllers are waking up.  Long
before the boot loader takes over.

> are you plugging this into the same switch port ? same cable/patch
> lead in both cases ?

Yes.  In the 2500, where the problem exists, I have two patch leads:
one to a 100Mb/s switch port and the other to a gigabit port on a
different.  If I plug either of these into the onboard e100, the link
LED lights up and the switches refresh their arp tables within a few
seconds.  The gigabit switch negotiates down to 100Mb of course.  If I
plug either of these two patches into the removable e1000 card,
everything stays dark.

The strangest part of all this is that the card worked in the 2500 for
a couple of days.  I think this will have to wait until the 2500 is
under less load and I can upgrade its system BIOS and run some more

> -jason

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Donkin                  Waikato University, Hamilton,  New Zealand

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