e1000 card won't work in a PE2500, will in a 2600.

Philip Rowlands phr at doc.ic.ac.uk
Wed Oct 22 18:55:01 CDT 2003

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 ard at waikato.ac.nz wrote:

>Most questions like this are answered with "upgrade the firmware."  Do
>e1000 cards have upgradeable firmware?  I didn't find any on dell.com,
>but if you can point me at some I'll definitely jam them on the card.


I do recall flashing an Intel network controller in a Compaq, but not a
removable card though. Suggest you investigate the "proboot" and
"proadmin" files from that page.

I'd suspect the driver version might be different between the 2 hosts.
Have you tried the latest from Intel (also at the above link)?


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