Debian and Poweredge 2600 problems ... sorry, this is the last thread (i hope) diab at
Tue Oct 21 17:19:00 CDT 2003

>>From debian CD 3.00 :
BV>  * compact
BV>  * idepci
BV>  * vanilla

IIRC woody comes with v2.2 kernel as default, but there is an
experimental (that time) 2.4 flavour, try "bf24" at the boot
lilo prompt, it should load the linux-2.4 boot image instead.
yes, it's included on the standard woody cd.

if it's still not detected you might try switching to the second
console at the install screen (ctrl-alt-f2) and cat /proc/pci to find
out the exact version/chipset of your scsi adapter(s) so it will be
easier to find a kernel/driver for it.

it is also possible that the woody 2.4 kernel actually has a driver
for it but it's not compiled in. you can still find out (cat
/proc/pci) which driver it needs (if it's a kernel module), just extract
it from drivers.tgz and load it from a floppy.
if this works, you should compile your new kernel _BEFORE_ you reboot
because otherwise it wont be able to load the kernel module from the
disk because the driver is needed to see the disk where the driver
would load from.



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