Debian and Poweredge 2600 problems ... sorry, this is the last thread (i hope)

jason andrade jason at
Tue Oct 21 16:48:00 CDT 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Burgarello Valerio wrote:

> I got a PowerEdge 2600

nice machine - i want one right now (7 PCI slots is very nice..)

> xeon 2.8 Ghz
> 1x 73Gb scsi 10 000 rpm (maxtor)  <- In standard installation
> 1x 73Gb scsi 10 000 rpm (fujitsu) <- added after 2 months
> 1Gb sdram
> ...
> This server runs Windows 2000 at this time, and it's 6 months old.
> There is NO raid controller.
> But there is a (or more,i don't know) SCSI controller(s) :
> PCI Ultra320 LVD SCSI LSI Logic 53C1030

this would be the built in scsi controller on the motherboard.

> I want to install Debian Woody (3.0 CD)
> And make a raid software.

that is quite possible.

> What is megaraid ? is it applicable in my case ?

megaraid is the kernel driver for the AMI/LSI based line of PCI hardware
raid controllers, e.g PERC2/3/4{SC,DC,QC} (and maybe perc4/si?).  not
applicable to you i believe.

> What is aacraid ?  is it applicable in my case ?

aacraid is the kernel driver for the Adaptec motherboard based line of
raid controllers, e.g PERC2/3{Si,Di}.  also not applicable to you in
this case.

> The main problem is :
> my hard drives are not recognized.

are you absolutely sure the system has no raid enabled ? can you
check in the bios?

> I've booted form several image disk :
> >From debian CD 3.00 :
>  * compact
>  * idepci
>  * vanilla
> from floppy :
>  * bf_mega.bin (matt domsch)
>  and root.bin
> (
> I can't found image to load. is there something special to do ?
> Please help me out :/

have you read:

i'm sorry - i'm not a debian person myself so i can't help much more.  there are a lot
of debian users of the PE series on this list though plus a bunch of comments about
debian in past archives - i'd recommend searching them for more clues.



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