Disk read performance problem with PE2650 and Redhat AdvancedServer products...

Pablo Barroso Cubillas pablo.barroso at ico.es
Tue Oct 21 12:49:00 CDT 2003

IMHO, the problem has its origin on the aacraid driver & kernel version 

Great improvements have been done on the kernel during the last 10 ? months 
regarding I/O, RAID, etc.. These improvements seem to keep occuring, which 
shows linux community is on a healthy state. 

Maybe because of the nature of RedHat AS products, all of these have not been 
backported (or at least not in the best way) to RH kernel 2.4.9 (2 years 
old!), as life cycle of the distros try to be extended till hitting the 
"enterprise way".

These scenario takes me to think that it was THE WORST moment for the actual shift 
in RedHat way of doing things, because of the stepped curve of linux development 
taking place right now (in the hardware & desktop arena).

(This I tell as owner of 2 PE2650 with Perc Raid & aic7xxx scsi, and using 
RHAS2.1 & RH7.3 each)

Pablo Barroso Cubillas


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