Debian on Poweredge 2600

James Bruce brucej at
Tue Oct 21 12:44:00 CDT 2003

> 1) Can i put LILO in the MBR ??
> (I ask this question, because after the BIOS, there is verification of my 
>  CPU and HD  ...)

Yes.  That is what I have done on my PE's.  

> 2) Why it tells me that i don't have hard drive :/
> I got 2 scsi hd (73go) but no Raid card.
> What is the options for the boot option ?

Don't know what the problem is there.  Either the floppies or cd you
used don't have support for what the HD's are attached to, or if you
were able to partition the disk and install the OS, but you can't boot
up normally afterwards, you most likely installed the wrong kernel.

Make sure you have some sort of BootCD that can see your hardware.  I'm
always most concerned with the HD's and the NIC.  If you have a good
boot CD, you MUST use the kernel off the CD, not from the network
install.  You most definitely will not reboot if you grab your kernel
from net.

After rebooting and finishing the install procedures, then you can worry
about rebuilding a newer kernel.

The linux-poweredge archives have mentioned Debian on PE's a lot.  Do a
search to find what you need.  Also a google search using, debian
poweredge, can't hurt.


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