PERC 3D/i Problems

Jared Davies daviesja at
Tue Oct 21 12:25:01 CDT 2003

Matt Domsch wrote:
>>The Adaptec raid cards that use aacraid just plain suck and dell has no
>>plans to fix the problem.
> I wouldn't characterize this as such.  Work is being done to understand
> the problem, then fix it.  It doesn't appear there is only one problem
> (bugs are never singular...), and until they're understood, it's hard to
> propose a solution.  It doesn't help that aacraid works well for quite a 
> few people, but crashes for several people too.  This makes reproducing it 
> in an effort to understand it difficult.  Heisenbugs and all...
> So just because no solution has been announced doesn't mean it isn't being
> worked on.

Who is working on them and where can I contact them?  I am able to 
produce the same type of error very consistantly on a PE1650 w/ 3/Di 
controller.  Perhaps I could contribute something.


Jared Davies

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