PERC 3D/i Problems

Adam Williams awilliam at
Mon Oct 20 15:58:01 CDT 2003

The Adaptec raid cards that use aacraid just plain suck and dell has no 
plans to fix the problem.  You can either use the SUSE kernel (some have 
reported success) or spend about $1000 on a PERC3/DC.


Jared Davies wrote:

> I have a number of PE1650's in the office running Linux and the drives 
> are configured as raid 0.  My problem is this: under heavy disk useage 
> the controller appears to die.  This is pretty consistant.  Both 
> machines will have an endless buffer of I/O errors, but if you check the 
> drives individually (via bios or sformat in another machine) they come 
> up clean, no bad blocks, no random errors.  Only when I put them into a 
> machine w/ an Adaptec Raid controller will I see these results.
> I've tried kernels 2.4.18 through 2.4.23-pre7 and all have the same 
> problem.  Is there an unhandled NMI that the kernel is missing?  Or, is 
> it just the driver doesn't fully support the 3D/i?
> Thanks,
> Jared

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