PERC 3D/i Problems

Jared Davies daviesja at
Mon Oct 20 15:38:00 CDT 2003

I have a number of PE1650's in the office running Linux and the drives 
are configured as raid 0.  My problem is this: under heavy disk useage 
the controller appears to die.  This is pretty consistant.  Both 
machines will have an endless buffer of I/O errors, but if you check the 
drives individually (via bios or sformat in another machine) they come 
up clean, no bad blocks, no random errors.  Only when I put them into a 
machine w/ an Adaptec Raid controller will I see these results.

I've tried kernels 2.4.18 through 2.4.23-pre7 and all have the same 
problem.  Is there an unhandled NMI that the kernel is missing?  Or, is 
it just the driver doesn't fully support the 3D/i?


Jared Davies

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