Command(s) to confirm tape drive install? Robert_Uzzi at
Mon Oct 20 14:46:03 CDT 2003

Look through DMESG to see if the drive was seen by the system. Use something
like "dmesg | less" and it should be down near the bottom of the output.
Insert a tape and "mt -f /dev/st0 status" should report a block number for
the tape position. You can write to the tape with  something like "tar zcvfp
/dev/st0 /usr /home /etc /var /root", do not attempt to tar / to the tape
since it will usually choke on the /dev and /proc file systems.


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I just installed an adaptec SCSI controller card into Poweredge 2650 server
and connected a new Dell tape backup unit to it.  Install seemed to go fine
and card was recognized on startup.

Anyone know the linux RH 8 command(s) for checking to see if tape drive is
recognized by system and writable?  Maybe a write test command?


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