Dell 6300 linux related questions

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If you're adventurous, try a lot of them, like TurboLinux, Gentoo, SuSE,

SuSE is pretty easy, and lots of options.
Gentoo will give you lots of experience outside of an RPM-based version
of Linux, very good but some RPMs may not install properly, like DB2.
I haven't tried TurboLinux but heard it was good.
I tried RedHat, didn't like it, the install is pretty inflexible plus
the default Gnome file manager sucks.
Mandrake is fun, consumer-grade, but the install may fall down on your

If it's your first time with Linux you may want to go with the more
brain-dead installs, like SuSE or RedHat.
Mandrake breaks on a lot of hardware so it might not install properly.

By the way, you should have a Knoppix CD laying around, they throw
everything and the kitchen sink on one CD so it's a great diagnostics
boot CD, if you run into hardware problems.  It's great to boot up off
the CD and get the machine running, same for Gentoo.


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I just bought a used DELL 6300 on ebay and the box will be delivered
this tuesday... The config is supposed to be  : Quad 550MHz Xeon Pentium
3 1Gb RAM 2x9.1Gb HDD 6x18.2Gb HDD SCSI RAID (RAID 0,0/1,5 capable)

The big plan is to install Linux and run many/lots of "User mode Linux"
virtual servers (see )... I
originally planned to install Debian through my broadband network
connection but, reading this mailing list, I understood that it may be
safer to install RedHat... What about Suse ? Any opinion ? What is your
opinion regarding the best way to use this machine ? Which linux kernel
version would you consider for this hardware ? How would you partition
the disks ? Would you use LVM one way or another ?

Any comment/reply will be greatly appreciated...

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