Dell 6300 linux related questions

Philippe Coupe pcoupe at
Mon Oct 20 12:26:00 CDT 2003

I just bought a used DELL 6300 on ebay and the box will be delivered this
The config is supposed to be  :
Quad 550MHz Xeon Pentium 3
2x9.1Gb HDD
6x18.2Gb HDD
SCSI RAID (RAID 0,0/1,5 capable)

The big plan is to install Linux and run many/lots of "User mode Linux"
virtual servers (see )...
I originally planned to install Debian through my broadband network
connection but, reading this mailing list, I understood that it may be safer
to install RedHat... What about Suse ? Any opinion ?
What is your opinion regarding the best way to use this machine ?
Which linux kernel version would you consider for this hardware ?
How would you partition the disks ?
Would you use LVM one way or another ?

Any comment/reply will be greatly appreciated...

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