Poweredge 2600, formating Windows for Linux ?

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 20 10:11:00 CDT 2003

At 16:13 20-10-2003 +0200, Burgarello Valerio wrote:
>Hi everybody.
>I've bought a PowerEdge 2600, but the standard OS is Windows 2000. I don't
>like it. Can i format and put Linux Debian Stable instead ?

No problems, you can find a link to a installer iso on Matt's homepage.
http://domsch.com/linux/ under the megaraid section.

>Is there something important to do before formating the hard drives ?
>And i'd like to enable Raid level 1 (software), i've read some howto on
>the subject, but can you give some advices ?

Well, debian doesn't lett you do that during install. I suggest the 
converting a non-raid disk to raid 1/4/5 howto. Search for it.

What I do these days is boot with a rescue disk that has software raid 
support, mount the software raid and restore a tar file on it. That 
circumvents the installer process. It takes care of a lot off the mundane 
work if you already have a tarbal of a working debian installation.

The only thing left is fixing up the boot loader/fstab and creating a 
raidtab to match. Don't forget to make the partition type raid auto detect.

I don't make sense, I don't pretend to either. Questions?

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