Installing omconfig, omreport, etc.

Matt Dainty matt at
Mon Oct 20 09:29:00 CDT 2003


I'm trying to get my hands on the CLI commands; omconfig, omreport, etc.
and I'm having trouble getting them installed on my PE4600 running
Slackware. I've managed to get the esm.o and dc*32d side of things
working in that they load and run, respectively.

However, I'm slightly unsure how to install the CLI tools as there
doesn't appear to be an RPM I can peek at, and unfortunately I only have
this one PE4600 so I'm unable to do an install onto Redhat to see how it
all sits on the filesystem.

I think I'm correct in assuming I want everything under omsw/sadm15/...
from within the om35_lnx_managed_system_A01.tar.gz archive as
omacore/ contains an omconfig executable, but I'm not
sure how to unpack it all, especially with those .jar files.

Anyone got a potted guide how to run this by hand?



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