Unable to load megaraid_2002 driver

Álvaro Palma apalma at custodium.com
Sun Oct 19 09:20:59 CDT 2003

I´ve installed latest RH AS errata kernel (2.4.9-e.27) in a RH 7.2
PowerEdge 1400SC, with a PERC3/DCL card on it. In /etc/modules.conf,
I've seted up:

alias scsi_hostadapter megaraid_2002

Also, I copied megaraid_2002.o from 


And reboot the machine. However, I always get older megaraid (1.18)
driver loaded, as seen via dmesg | grep megaraid ->

megaraid: v1.18 (Release Date: Wed Dec  4 11:33:08 EST 2002)
megaraid: found 0x101e:0x1960:idx 0:bus 3:slot 0:func 0
megaraid: [161J:3.17] detected 2 logical drives
megaraid: channel[1] is raid.
megaraid: channel[2] is raid

What am I doing wrong? I want to try this kernel performance v/s the RH
no AS kernel, specially for this driver, which I've heard is a lot
better than megaraid 1.18.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Álvaro Palma

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