PE 4600 Death Spiral

jason andrade jason at
Sat Oct 18 17:10:01 CDT 2003

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003, Sean Bruno wrote:

> We are running Solaris 8 X86 on the DELL PE 4600.  Thus far, we have
> been successful and have about 10 units in production without a hitch.
> We recently received two new units running the higher end P4 Zeons and
> ran into problems.  Specifically the machine goes into a "death spiral"
> after approximately 4 days.

can you please provide specifications for your original PE4600s and
the new servers ?  both of them use the P4 Xeon - your new 4600s may be
using a faster spec.  in any case it's difficult to comment on what
may be causing this if you don't specify the differences.


> What is the significance of the 4 day run time before death?  What could

how long have you been running this config for to be sure it is always 4
days ?

> have changed between the old and new 4600's that would cause this?  The
> uptime on our old machines is months, not days/hours.

initial suggestions - is hyper threading enabled on new servers but not
the old ones because the new ones were shipped with faster cpus ?



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