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Sat Oct 18 12:37:00 CDT 2003

> Hi, i just got a new Dell workstation equiped with a PERC320 raid card.  For
> the software i will be using, i have to use RedHat 7.3 and so far i have been
> unable to find drivers for 7.3.  Any suggestions?

The PERC 320/DC card was first introduced when Red Hat Linux 8.0 was 
released.  The 'aacraid' driver in that kernel, and all Red Hat kernels 
above that, support it.  So, if you can run RHL8 instead of 7.3, your life 
will be much easier.  RHL7.3 will be end-of-support-life at the end of 
December, so you should really consider running something newer.

If you can run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 WS, that kernel includes the 
aacraid driver which will drive the 320/DC card too, and you get a long 
support life from Red Hat.

If you can't do either, then you need to hack up the aacraid driver in the 
7.3 kernel to add the PCI ID line for the card to linit.c

/* FIXME static */struct aac_driver_ident aac_drivers[] = {
        { 0x9005, 0x0285, 0x1028, 0x0287, aac_rx_init, "percraid", "DELL    
", "PERCRAID        " }, /* Dell PERC 320/DC */

and build a driver disk, and use that.  Driver disk creation info is 
available at

You'll note, option 3 is significantly more difficult, so option 2 
followed by option 1 are really your best bets.


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