Enterprise Kernel Question

Anthony Porcano aporcano at kaplan.com
Fri Oct 17 12:14:00 CDT 2003

Ok...having some problems with getting SMP disabled.

I have tried 'nosmp', 'nosmp=1', and 'maxcpus=0' on the kernel command line
(grub.conf), and all cause kernel panics.

The kernel version is 2.4.9-e.25smp (RHEL 2.1AS), and the server is a
PE1750. Ultimately we are trying to get the e.25enterprise kernel to load
and use the 'nosmp' option there, but we were trying the options out on what
we were currently running since we are having general issues loading the
e.25enterprise kernel (without any special options).

If anyone could shed some light on these issues it would be greatly

Thanks everyone.


Anthony Porcano
Systems Engineer, Kaplan IOPS
aporcano at kaplan.com

> From: "Arjan van de Ven" <arjanv at redhat.com>
> Organization: Red Hat, Inc.
> Reply-To: <arjanv at redhat.com>
> Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 09:50:24 +0200
> To: "Matt Domsch" <Matt_Domsch at dell.com>
> Cc: "Anthony Porcano" <aporcano at kaplan.com>, "Poweredge"
> <linux-poweredge at dell.com>
> Subject: Re: Enterprise Kernel Question
> On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 22:51, Matt Domsch wrote:
>>> Does anyone know if it is problematic to run a non-smp enterprise kernel on
>>> a dual processor server? Goal here is to disable one cpu in the box for
>>> licensing reasons. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
>> It's fine, we do it all the time in testing.  You may wish to specify
>> 'apic' on the kernel command line to get the benefit of better interrupt
>> routing than you would otherwise get with the uniprocessor kernel.
> ehm.... that option doesn't exist actually

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