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First, a PE 4600, only has 8 drives.  The daughter card will split the
backplane to a 2x4.  The server has a dual channel AIC 7899W and a single
channel 7890.  These are straight SCSI controllers.  The server does have an
added onboard RAID option that can make the dual channel 7899 controller
RAID enabled.
A SCSI controller allows you to attatch SCSI devices such as hard drives,
tape drives...etc.  A SCSI-RAID controller is a type of SCSI controller.
Only SCSI hard drives can be attatched and this gives the option of hardware
RAID.  (there is an IDE RAID controller, but this is not relevant
information to your question).  A regular SCSI controller (such as an
Adaptec 7899, 39160...etc) cannot do RAID.
As for your specific questions.  Your components list a PERC3/DC RAID
controller.  This has 2 channels you can use to set up hardware RAID.  You
can split the backplane and have your 18G drives on one side of the
backplane attatched to channel 0 and the 146G drives on the other side of
the backplane attatched to channel 1.  Since there is only 2 channels on
that RAID controller, there can be nothing attatched externally to it.  If
you are going to attatch external SCSI storage that requires RAID, then you
will need an additional RAID controller.  

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I have re-framed my yesterdays post:

PE 4600 (system spec given below):
I am planning to add a daughter card to split the backplane to 2x8. With
this I was told I will be able to setup two arrays separate for each channel
in RAID. I wanted to put 3x18G 10K hard disk in one array and in another two
separate 146G hard disk containers. The main purpose of this is to get a
better computational performance with the 3x18G 10K hard disk array and use
the separate 146 hard disks for file storage. I would like to know if I am
in the correct path or am I doing something wrong? Also I was wondering will
my PE 4600 will have two SCSI channels so that I can put the two arrays in
different channel. If so I want to know if this can be done with bios setup
or does it require any physical connections or cabling to be done. I am
confused with the connection between SCSI and RAID controller so if you
could help me understand better it would be great.

System spec

2  6878T   Cord, Power, 125V, 10FT, SJT, Unshielded
1  0W761  Processor, 80532, 2.8GHZ, 512, Socket F, 400C1
1  2M214   Card (Circuit), Voltage Regulator Module, 12V, 9.1
1  4D666   Printed Wiring Assy, Power Distribution Board, System Board,
P4600, Universal
3  6F777    Power Supply, 300W, Power Factor Correction
1  6X778    Printed Wiring Assy, Planar (Motherboard), Double Data Rate,
PE4600, 2P
2  747JN    Printed Wiring Assy, Memory Board, Memory, 6DIMM, PE4600 
2  2C749    Assembly, Cable, Dorado/Athens/Tualatin/Almodor, S3, INT/EXT,
1  4C641    Assembly, Cable, Dorado/Athens/Tualatin/Almodor, S3, Internal,
28, PE4600
1  4Y131    Kit, DOC/CDSK, Document Object Model, V3.3.3, World Wide
1  7N242   Keyboard, 104, United States, SILITEK, Low Cost, Midnight Gray
1 4N433    Mouse, Personal System 2, 6P, 2BTN, LOGITECH, SAW34
4  632EX    Dual In-Line Memory Module, 1G, 100M, 128X72, 8K, 184,
Registered DIMM, 2
1  60EPW  Printed Wiring Assy, Backplane, Jaguar, 1X8, ULT3, Slide 
1  0R397   Compact Disk Drive, 650M, IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics),
Internal, Third Height, 24X, Black, TEAC
1  9M912   Assembly, Card (Circuit), PERC3-DC, INTEL-BE
1  0K898   Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5" Form Factor, Third Height, No Bezel,
1  0Y681   Assembly, Printed Wiring Assy, Interface, Compact Disk/Floppy
Drive Combo, Multi-Media, V2 
2  4R318   Hard Drive, 146GB, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), U320,
10K, 80P, FJT
1  1M214   Assembly, Cable, Twisted Pair, Hard Drive, 2DROP, Enclosure
1  6U103   Tape Backup Unit, 160GB, Full Height, Internal, SDLT-320, V1

Thanks for your time and help

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