PE 4600: Splitting backplane - daughter card, please help!

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Fri Oct 17 11:41:01 CDT 2003

I have re-framed my yesterdays post:

PE 4600 (system spec given below):
I am planning to add a daughter card to split the backplane to 2x8. With 
this I was told I will be able to setup two arrays separate for each 
channel in RAID. I wanted to put 3x18G 10K hard disk in one array and in 
another two separate 146G hard disk containers. The main purpose of this is 
to get a better computational performance with the 3x18G 10K hard disk 
array and use the separate 146 hard disks for file storage. I would like to 
know if I am in the correct path or am I doing something wrong? Also I was 
wondering will my PE 4600 will have two SCSI channels so that I can put the 
two arrays in different channel. If so I want to know if this can be done 
with bios setup or does it require any physical connections or cabling to 
be done. I am confused with the connection between SCSI and RAID controller 
so if you could help me understand better it would be great.

System spec

2  6878T   Cord, Power, 125V, 10FT, SJT, Unshielded
1  0W761  Processor, 80532, 2.8GHZ, 512, Socket F, 400C1
1  2M214   Card (Circuit), Voltage Regulator Module, 12V, 9.1
1  4D666   Printed Wiring Assy, Power Distribution Board, System Board, 
P4600, Universal
3  6F777    Power Supply, 300W, Power Factor Correction
1  6X778    Printed Wiring Assy, Planar (Motherboard), Double Data Rate, 
PE4600, 2P
2  747JN    Printed Wiring Assy, Memory Board, Memory, 6DIMM, PE4600
2  2C749    Assembly, Cable, Dorado/Athens/Tualatin/Almodor, S3, INT/EXT, P4600
1  4C641    Assembly, Cable, Dorado/Athens/Tualatin/Almodor, S3, Internal, 
28, PE4600
1  4Y131    Kit, DOC/CDSK, Document Object Model, V3.3.3, World Wide
1  7N242   Keyboard, 104, United States, SILITEK, Low Cost, Midnight Gray
1 4N433    Mouse, Personal System 2, 6P, 2BTN, LOGITECH, SAW34
4  632EX    Dual In-Line Memory Module, 1G, 100M, 128X72, 8K, 184, 
Registered DIMM, 2
1  60EPW  Printed Wiring Assy, Backplane, Jaguar, 1X8, ULT3, Slide
1  0R397   Compact Disk Drive, 650M, IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), 
Internal, Third Height, 24X, Black, TEAC
1  9M912   Assembly, Card (Circuit), PERC3-DC, INTEL-BE
1  0K898   Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5" Form Factor, Third Height, No Bezel, TEAC
1  0Y681   Assembly, Printed Wiring Assy, Interface, Compact Disk/Floppy 
Drive Combo, Multi-Media, V2
2  4R318   Hard Drive, 146GB, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), 
U320, 10K, 80P, FJT
1  1M214   Assembly, Cable, Twisted Pair, Hard Drive, 2DROP, Enclosure
1  6U103   Tape Backup Unit, 160GB, Full Height, Internal, SDLT-320, V1

Thanks for your time and help
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