Another 2550 oddity

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[I was in meetings all day, so my apologies if this was already answered..]

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, David Chait wrote:

> machine, my answer so far has been simply "Don't run X", but I would rather
> see it fixed. I updated all bios/firmware recently and that didn't seem to
> resolve it, and I am currently using RH's 2.4.20-20.9 kernel with it. It is

One thing that I've found with various Dells I've seen in the past is that 
sometimes the video card IRQ is set to be shared with another device, 
which can cause contentions and lockups.  Mainly I've seen this with video 
cards and network adapters on the same IRQ.  You can check this by cat'ing 
/proc/interrupts  and changing things in the BIOS to give everything a 
dedicated IRQ.  If there aren't enough and you don't use USB, disabling 
USB will sometimes free up that IRQ :)

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