trouble insmod-ing net driver on poweredge 1750

Andrew May amay at
Thu Oct 16 17:21:01 CDT 2003


I'm installing RedHat ES 2.1 on a new Dell poweredge 1750.

I'm having trouble insmoding the tg3 module. (I 've also tried the tg3_12e3,
bcm5700, and e1000.)

The tg3_12e3 gives it a good try but fails with
"problems fetching invarients of chip". 

I would have thought this a simple matter of loading them off the errata
img disk, I had to do that for the megaraid_2002 driver.  But's that not
worked for the network drivers.

Having failed to load the module to provide network services, I went ahead
and installed the OS.

In that situation too, I get no joy trying to insmod the module.

I need a clue. 

(The web searching I've done, hasn't provided anything of use.)

Andrew May 

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