PE2600 : megaraid PERC4/Di, PERC 3/DC and latest RHAS kernel (e.2 7) Eddy.COLLART at
Thu Oct 16 08:22:11 CDT 2003

*  ECB :
*  > Now, I upgraded the kernel to the 2.4.9-e27 and when I use
*  > that kernel, it
*  > gets stuck with SCSI errors whatever the way I do :
*  From: Xose Vazquez Perez [mailto:xose at]
*  what driver are you using ? show a lsmod or cat /etc/modules.conf
*  megaraid2 is called 'megaraid_2002', 'megaraid' is 1.xx family.

Under e3, the driver that gets used is megaraid_2002 for both PERC3 and 4.
Under e27, I get stuck at boot which is why I came here with the problem in
the first place. So, no chance to get a lsmod.

I played some more, I do wonder why, but when I install the kernel source
rpm I get megaraid 2002 driver in
/usr/src/linux/2.4.9.e-27/drivers/addon/megaraid_2002 and a 1.18 driver in

I replaced those in addon (2.00.2) with the 2.00.9 version, sub'bing
"highmem_io" for "can_dma_32" in megaraid2.h.
I disabled the 1.18 module in kernel config (SCSI -> Low-Level) but left v2
enabled (other devices).

Now at boot, I get a kernel panic cause the kernel can't insmod
/lib/ext3.o... Not sure if I'm getting closer. I guess I'll try building
ext3 support in the kernel itself. But I'm getting kind of skeptical. I'll
also try to return the / FS to ext2 (as was initially planned if it wasn't
for a human error when attributing mountpoints at install).


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