Okay, this is so not cool..

Tony Gale gale at syntax.dstl.gov.uk
Thu Oct 16 04:45:00 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 10:02, Mark Watts wrote:
> Almost all of my 2650's are running the PERC 3/Di and the internal Broadcoms 
> and I have to say we've never hit any of these problems you guys see.
> One of the servers gets pounded regularly with a postgresql database search 
> engine and that box has been up for over 100 days with no issues.
> The only difference is that we run Mandrake 9.1 on them (and a custom compiled 
> 2.4.21 from kernel.org)

Just another data point. My 2650's are also solid. I use RedHat plus
custom compiled stock kernels with a tg3 driver update when is was
required with older kernels.


PE2650, webserver with 1+ million requests per day peak, uptime 210 days
2 x 2.4Ghz Xeon + HT, 1 x AAC RAID5 diskset, kernel 2.4.20 + tg3 v1.4c

PE2650, webserver currently with low load, uptime 33 days
2 x 2.4Ghz Xeon + HT, 1 x AAC RAID5 diskset, kernel 2.4.22 (tg3 v1.6)

Both also have grsec kernel patch.

I could send someone with 'issues' a kernel image (or .config) to try if
they want to.

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