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Almost all of my 2650's are running the PERC 3/Di and the internal Broadcoms 
and I have to say we've never hit any of these problems you guys see.
One of the servers gets pounded regularly with a postgresql database search 
engine and that box has been up for over 100 days with no issues.

The only difference is that we run Mandrake 9.1 on them (and a custom compiled 
2.4.21 from kernel.org)


> Okay, so I'm about tired of this crashing thing, I'd like to call Dell
> right now and order a new raid card for one of these dell 2650s, right now
> I'm using PERC 3/Di with Redhat 7/8/9 (using a variety of all of the
> above.)
> Anyway, I have a new machine which is at half the load of the others, yet
> the disks lock up about once every 3 days, some of the other machines
> don't lock up very often, I'm not understanding it, but I want to put the
> money into new raid cards for one of them at least, and see if that fixes
> this issue.
> Can anyone tell me exactly which raid card I am best to order, I have 3 x
> 73gig SCSI drives with Raid5.
> How much should I expect to pay, should I order from dell or go
> aftermarket? Things like this..
> Thanks.
> nick
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