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Cris Rhea crhea at mayo.edu
Wed Oct 15 16:29:00 CDT 2003

> Clearly I'm part of a mass hallucination of people who think their 2650's crash all of 
> the time.  I agree it should be rock-solid.  Sadly, it ain't.  I have 6 that crash, and 
> I seem to have my fellow travelers.
> Still, could be interesting...  Cris says he is just using Raid 1 with 2 drives.  I'm 
> using Raid 0 across 3 drives on my machines.  I suspect most people are using 0 or 5.  
> Is anyone getting crashes who is using Raid 1?
> -kevin

(I haven't followed this thread that closely, so if I miss something that was previously
discussed, just slap me...)

It's not about "mass hallucination"- it's about identifying what things are different
between the "rock solid" and the "crash all the time" systems.   Once you find the
difference(s), the solution is usually obvious....

I had a similar experience with a PE2550- spent almost a month working with Dell Support 
to diagnose why it kept hanging.  Once I found this list, my problem was solved in a day!

For the purposes of this discussion, pick ONE of your 2650s. If we solve the issue
for one, we'll most likely have the solution for all...

1. What are the versions of the ESM, Backplane, BIOS and PERC firmware (all on that
   first BIOS screen)?

2. How is it physically configured (number/type of CPUs, memory, internal disks, PCI cards,
   network connections, other external connections)?

3. Have you booted from (a recent) Server Assistant CD and run full diagnostics (should 
   take on the order of 30 hours [based on what I had done previously with my 2550])?

4. What OS are you running (RH7.X, 8, 9, SuSE, etc.)? Any Dell-specific drivers installed
   (e.g., Is this a retail version of RH or a Dell-packaged/modified version)?

5. What updates/patches have you applied to the OS?

6. How did you install the OS (standard CDROM install from a "known release", rebuilt 
   kernel manually, downloaded new kernel RPMs, etc.)?

7. What system software have you added in addition to the base OS install?

Let's start at the physical level and work our way up... 

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