Okay, this is so not cool..

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Clearly I'm part of a mass hallucination of people who think their 2650's crash all of the time.  I agree it should be rock-solid.  Sadly, it ain't.  I have 6 that crash, and I seem to have my fellow travelers.

Still, could be interesting...  Cris says he is just using Raid 1 with 2 drives.  I'm using Raid 0 across 3 drives on my machines.  I suspect most people are using 0 or 5.  Is anyone getting crashes who is using Raid 1?


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I'll mix-n-match with some of the others' comments....

I use a 2650 as the NFS server for our small cluster.  I've basically taken the stock 
RedHat 9.0 and loaded it with no mods beyond de-selecting things that don't belong on 
an NFS server. We ARE using the INTERNAL NICs.

We are also using the internal 3/Di controller in Raid 1 (mirrored) mode for the 
2 x 18GB disks to house the OS.

We have a direct-attached PE660 + PE224 array.

The 2650 has been rock-solid.  If yours isn't- run the full diags against it and see what
pops up. I have been very impressed with Dell's diags.

We have had MANY problems with the 660/224 though. These were purchased 2nd hand from Ebay.
Dell refuses/cannot sell us a service contract on them (I cannot understand why in this 
day ANY vendor refuses to offer a service contract on one of their own products [I'm 
talking about a PAID contract, not an freebee extended warranty]).

On the up-side, several Dell Engineers have offered suggestions and after some part-swapping,
the 660/224 seem to have stabilized... 

The bigger issue for us is where to go for SAN storage.  We have a major investment in 
Dell's 660/224 stuff, but that seems to be getting orphaned. I just don't see us 
continuing to purchase Dell's SAN stuff since our only upgrade path seems to be 
their $$E$M$C$$ partner.  Who knows, maybe our sales-critter will surprize us...

Bottom line- a PE2650 should be a rock-solid Linux server. 

You're more than welcome to send me yours (BEFORE you chuck it out the window)... ;)

--- Cris

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