Okay, this is so not cool..

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The PERC4/SC, DC is available for purchase and is validated with the 2650.
For sales quotes, contact your Sales Rep.

Jessica Bull

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At 10:45 15-10-2003 -0700, Nick Nelson wrote:
>Okay, so I'm about tired of this crashing thing, I'd like to call Dell
>right now and order a new raid card for one of these dell 2650s, right now
>I'm using PERC 3/Di with Redhat 7/8/9 (using a variety of all of the

You have the PERC3/DC /SC or the DCL version. The DC is dual channel, SC 
single channel and DCL without battery cache.

The DCL is fine if you use write through caching instead of write back. 
This is not as fast but I am pretty sure it won't toast your server.

I don't know yet if Dell sells the PERC4/SC or /DC yet. These are a lot 
faster then the 3 versions. Not because they support the u320 bus but 
rather because they are entirely different hardware with respect to the 
PERC2 and PERC3 megaraid cards. And they still use the same megaraid driver 
which is nice.

>Anyway, I have a new machine which is at half the load of the others, yet
>the disks lock up about once every 3 days, some of the other machines
>don't lock up very often, I'm not understanding it, but I want to put the
>money into new raid cards for one of them at least, and see if that fixes
>this issue.

I faced different problems in the 2450 then which was a Perc2/Si. But we 
replaced them with a Perc2/DC after 3 months service or so and the machines 
are still humming without problems.

>Can anyone tell me exactly which raid card I am best to order, I have 3 x
>73gig SCSI drives with Raid5.

Perc4 for performance or a Perc3/DC which is older but still works.

>How much should I expect to pay, should I order from dell or go

well, the dell.nl site lists the following add-on prices with a PE600-scsi
32MB PERC 3/SC RAID Controller (channels: 1xINT, 0xEXT) (+335.00 EUR)
PERC 4/SC RAID Controller (32MB) (channels: 1xINT, 0xEXT) (+200.00 EUR)

However, the plot thickens
with a pe1600sc
32MB PERC 3/SC RAID Controller (channels: 1xINT, 0xEXT) (+480.00 EUR)
PERC 4/SC RAID Controller (32MB) (channels: 1xINT, 0xEXT) (+345.00 EUR)

No word on battery cache backup on the cards but this should give you an 
These prices vary per country, server etc.

>Things like this..

Make you chew on your keyboard.

It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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