Okay, this is so not cool..

Paul Anderson Paul.Anderson at priorityhealthcare.com
Wed Oct 15 14:15:01 CDT 2003

We have a SAN solution that runs on the 2650.  We have come to our current configuration after multiple calls to technical support, the NOS group and even engineers that inhabit this list.  It is rock solid.  We have a document that shows all the versions of everything and how to install them on the server.  If you are going to buy, or have bought a 2650, and you want this document then send me a request.  I tried to post it to the list, but it got flagged as a suspicious email.


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> On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 12:45, Nick Nelson wrote:
>> Okay, so I'm about tired of this crashing thing
> If you have even a little shred of patience left, please call Dell Tech
> Support and report the issue.  Let them ask you lots of questions about
> system config, what you're doing on the system, etc.  System crashes
> shouldn't happen - ever - and the best way to get all the right parties
> to investigate is to file an issue with tech support.

Unfortunately, I've done that numerous times...Dell basically gives us the
servers now (not literally.) and we maintain a active thread with one of
the system engineers (scott keen, ticket # 149663) who sends us
suggestions fairly frequently, the crashes shouldn't happen, but it does.
It really frustrates me...like you can tell...we are actually currently
working to purchase a SAN solution from dell as well (from EMC/Dell) and
I've told that due to this redhat/linux issue I've really lost my
confidence in dell fixing problems, or allowing the budget to fix them,
you'd think the multiple hundred thousand dollar sale would urge them
along to fix this issue so theycan make the sale..no go...so far they are
still just throwing out suggestions at me.

It's worth nothing I have a FreeBSD machine up and it hasn't crashed since
day 1, even when we run the benchmarks on it to try to crash it.

I'll once again contact the appropriate parties and try to resolve this
again, I feel like I'm fighting for the team here, if we all work
together, something should be able to happen. Half of the reason we are
doing this SAN is because of the terrible I/O performance of the internal
drives...the SAN costs a ton of money, but for mission critical apps, it
is almost neccessary

This is just pitiful, it tends to ruin my morning, every morning, these
servers load rest around 1-2 usually, sometimes up to 4 of 5, yet they
still tend to crash without warning.

::breath in...breath out..:: :)

*signs out of his vent*

I'll email scott again on this...
> Thanks,
> Matt
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