Okay, this is so not cool..

Paul Anderson Paul.Anderson at priorityhealthcare.com
Wed Oct 15 13:52:01 CDT 2003

We use the PERC 3/DC as the replacement for the on board controller.  After much testing we have found it to perform best.  We runn Oracle 9i RAC and 11i Application clusters on the 2650's now without a reboot.  I suggest you get off the on board broadcoms while you are at it.


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Okay, so I'm about tired of this crashing thing, I'd like to call Dell
right now and order a new raid card for one of these dell 2650s, right now
I'm using PERC 3/Di with Redhat 7/8/9 (using a variety of all of the

Anyway, I have a new machine which is at half the load of the others, yet
the disks lock up about once every 3 days, some of the other machines
don't lock up very often, I'm not understanding it, but I want to put the
money into new raid cards for one of them at least, and see if that fixes
this issue.

Can anyone tell me exactly which raid card I am best to order, I have 3 x
73gig SCSI drives with Raid5.

How much should I expect to pay, should I order from dell or go
aftermarket? Things like this..


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