PE2600 : megaraid PERC4/Di, PERC 3/DC and latest RHAS kernel (e.2 7)

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Wed Oct 15 13:42:00 CDT 2003

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> > Subject: Re: PE2600 : megaraid PERC4/Di, PERC 3/DC and latest RHAS kernel
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> > Check cabling?! I had no big problems with the megaraid 1.18f-h releases
> >
>I still have the stock 2.4.9 entry and I can use it to boot without any
>problem... So that should clear any HW related explanation.

Not quite, different drivers have different methods. I suggest checking the 
cabling to make sure.
Different drivers also have different timeout values.

I have seen it before, and since this u320 it is quite sensitive to cabling 
issues as is most scsi hardware.

So far i did not have as much luck with the megaraid2 driver as the other 
people have, so I havn't tested it further.

> > I am not using the enterprise kernel on this box since it tends to get
> > stuck trying to access the LTO tape drive. We are using the 2.4.20-20.7
> > kernel from the Red Hat 7.3 errata tree.
>Sorry, but I can't. That is a test system intended for Oracle RAC, and the
>testbed involves RHAS as part of the specification (and needed for Oracle
>support and recognition I think). I'll have to write a complete install
>procedure so other machines can be built with the exact same configuration.
>A kernel recompile would be some kind of a bother, but I guess I would
>recommend it if it was necessary, but moving to some other kernel is kind of
>out of scope.

We have just 2 PE2600 machines, one runs linux, the other w2k. So sorry I 
can't help you in this case. Since i couldn't make backups at normal speeds 
with the enterprise kernel I switched kernels.

Good luck
It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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