perc2/DC rebuild failed disk: Dumb Question

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> Nathan,
> >From recollection, on the Adaptec controllers this will occur, providing the
> disk is blank and 'Automatic Failover' is enabled.
> With the AMI (now LSI), replace the disk when the server is down, enter
> CTRL-M, select Objects, Physical Drive, highlight the failed drive, press
> Enter, select Rebuild...
> Leave the CTRL-M until running until the rebuild has completed.

This is our recollection as well, I think we just wish it wasn't so.  



> Eoin.
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> Ok,
> So, we have a 2450 with a perc2/DC which has a failed internal disk.  The
> replacement disk is on it's way to us, which is good.
> Now, none of us can seem to remember how the perc2/DC works in regards to
> rebuilding a failed disk from the firmware BIOS interface.  If we halt the
> machine, swap the disks, and power it back up, will the card just
> magically rebuild it and allow us to boot back into Linux and happily use
> the good disk while the controller rebuilds the array in the background?  
> Or, do we need to halt the machine, go into the firmware, tell the
> controller there's a new disk and wait in the BIOS for the rebuild to 
> happen before booting back into the OS?
> We'd like the former, but are afraid it's the latter.  FWIW, the megaraid 
> utils aren't on this box and it's not possible to wedge them in, machine 
> is running RHL-7.2 with the 2.4.9 kernel with megaraid-1.17a.
> -n

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