PE 2600 and "neat" Eddy.COLLART at
Wed Oct 15 04:10:03 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I got three PE 2600 over here. The first one (a few months old, one CPU, 4
GB RAM and PERC 4/Di), the other two are dual CPU installed yesterday.

After a standard install of RHAS 2.1 I can't use "neat" to change the
network config on any of those, every attempt to do results in a bugzilla

Other than that, I got a PE 6600 which can run neat fine... But the 6600 had
BroadCom NICs where the 2600 have Intel.

Anyone knows about that problem already ? I tried upgrading the package
redhat-network-config but no change in behaviour.

Thanks for any info.


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