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On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Linda Laubenheimer wrote:

>> But the 1750s only have a usb port on the front.  While the bios sees this
>> fine, your average Linux kernel does not have this built in, but as a module. 
>> So a reboot becomes problematic, although the power button fixes that.  Then,
>> when the installed kernel comes up, kudzu happily finds the "new" hardware -
>> the usb keyboard that is - and then asks you to *press any key to continue*
>> to set up your new hardware!  Uh, if the "new" hardware is the keyboard, it
>> won't recognize any keys!  Catch 22.

>disable kudzu.  it's almost the first thing i do once the server is ready to
>go 'production' as i can always re-enable it if i need it later.  i am a bit
>suprised as i thought kudzu would timeout if it didn't get any keyboard input
>initially and the system would keep booting.

>mv S05kudzu s05kudzu

It does timeout, but it also doesn't see the keyboard.  Also, I need kudzu to 
find my broadcom ethernet cards and migrate them in a simple fashion so my 
installation techs don't have to do command line.

>> Where am I going with this?  Well, it's a complaint, and a solicitation for
>> suggestions.  Yes, we can plug the monitor and keyboard into the back of the
>> boxes, risking disturbing all of the other cabling each and every time.  But
>> it really would be nice to use a stock kernel (we don't want to recompile our
>> kernel, it would involve months of qa time to verify afterwards), and still
>> be able to plug a plain, ordinary, supported since the stone age, ps/2
>> keyboard into the front of the boxes.  We have a lot of techs working with
>> these, and not all of them are used to fiddling with cables in back of
>> systems.  We tried a usb -> ps/2 adapter, but that didn't work - although I
>> don't know the brand - if people have a brand that is proven to work, I
>> would appreciate knowing about it.

>just write a little SXX script which loads the appropriate usb modules
>in /etc/rc3.d - and i assume when you plug the keyboard in it should
>work (i haven't tested this myself so i'm guessing..)

Hmmm.  I'll have to look into that.  I have to make changes anyway...

>P.S it would be helpful if you could wrap your lines somewhere
>    around 80 columns.  it's difficult to read/edit when there
>    are no line breaks in your mail e.g each one is a very long
>    single line.

Arrrgh!!  I dislike the mail abomination I'm using!  Unfortunately, it's a 
corporate standard.  At least I remembered to take it out of $^$#@ HTML mode.

My apologies to people who use sane mailreaders.

L J Laubenheimer

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